Lessons in Business Barter from Donald Trump

From his multiple business books to the advice he gives the contestants on the Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump’s actions and advice are often emulated.  If you’re looking to barter, Trump is one to learn from.  He has banked some high-stakes deals through barter that have bolstered his bottom line and his brand name – even when the deals eventually went bust.

Lessons from ‘The Donald’

“Experience taught me a few things. One is to listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper. The second is that you’re generally better off sticking with what you know. And the third is that sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make.” – Donald Trump

You don’t have to rely on money.
Trump partnered with the luxury publishing house, Ocean Drive Media, to create Trump Magazine which was sold commercially and given to guests at his multiple properties.  While the magazine eventually folded in 2009, Trump says he “put up no money” for the deal, according to Barter News.

When you barter, go for long-term wins.
Trump was involved in a deal with investment partners in Hong Kong.  The original agreement took place during a period of financial hardship for Trump, and he pulled out of the deal, but bartered for 30% interest in the new partnership by providing the license of his name and his business guidance.

When bartering think big.
Because Donald Trump is not only a business baron, but also a celebrity in the public eye, Trump’s once owned items are showing up on bartering and trade websites.  One lists a paper clip claimed to be used by Trump.  Would Donald approve?  Maybe if bartering his other items could lead to greater publicity and brand equity.  As he’s said, “I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.”

Celebrities Use Barter to Grow Their Personal Wealth

According to Barter News, many celebrities are using the power of barter to grow their personal brand and their bottom line.

Sandra Bullock
Staring in the Blindside earned Sandra Bullock an Oscar, but if she wasn’t open to barter, the box office success may have never been.  The film was produced by a small production company, Alcon Entertainment, which persuaded her to star in the film in exchange for a stake of company’s profits.  So far the film’s revenue has surpassed its production costs three times.

Bono and his wife founded Edun, a socially conscious clothing company.  Luxury Goods powerhouse LVMH’s equity investment in the company means that Edun will be exclusively managed by LVMH and have access to its marketing and operational experts.  The deal helps Bono’s business gets a boost, while LVMH can be invested brand with socially conscious business ethics.

Howard Stern
When Howard Stern jumped from FM to Sirius Sattellite Radio, he settled his contract at $500 million dollars, but not all of his earnings were cold hard cash.   Stern took stock options that  give him a 2.5% stake in the company.  By being open to barter, Stern used his celebrity to help grow his share from $110 million dollars to $219.8 million dollars in a mere sixteen months, according to Barter News.

Bruce Willis
When Bruce Wills agreed to promote Sobieski Vodka and bartered his face recognition for a 3.3% equity stake in the beverage company that owns Sobieski, Belvedere, it is reported that shares rose 10%.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to make barter work for your personal brand or business.  Get your business on the A-list through a barter network.

Forget the Business Loan, Try Barter Instead

Expanding small businesses need capital, and in the last few years, it has been more difficult for small businesses to get a line of credit through a business loan.  According to CNN, “In the last three months of 2008, the number of loans made through the SBA’s main lending program fell 57% compared to a year earlier. Other recession-related factors contributed to that drop, but several banks specifically cited the secondary market freeze to explain their lending pullback.”

If you’re a small business having trouble securing a loan, rest assured that loans aren’t the only option.  Over 450,000 businesses use business barter to expand their business – with no added interest.

How Barter Can Help When You Can’t Get a Loan

  • Barter Can Preserve Cash Flow
    When you use barter to pay for goods and services that you would normally purchase, you preserve your cash flow.  More money in the bank every month keeps your bank statement balanced.
  • Barter Can Increase Sales and Market Share
    When you join a business barter association, you are joining a business network.  Your products and services are introduced to a new group of clients, customers and potential partnerships.
  • Barter Can Save Money
    Business barter can also save your business money.  With business barter, your company buys products and services at your own variable cost and pays for purchases with all new sales generated through the business barter network.  No matter what business you’re in, your variable cost is a fraction of the selling cost, increasing your bartering ability.  You’re able to purchase for cents on the dollar of the actual cost to your business.

If you’re looking for a business loan, you’re most likely trying to increase your share and market sales.  With an entrepreneurial mindset, you’re trying to always save money and perfect your P&L statements.  It doesn’t always take a loan to achieve your business goals.  Business barter may be the relief your business needs.

Global Barter Corporation Selected As Newest Member Of The Business Club Of The Triangle

April 14, 2010 – Penn Shore, president of the Business Club of the Triangle (BCA Triangle), has announced that Global Barter Corporation (GBC) has been selected as the newest member of the organization. GBC joins BCA Triangle as the exclusive Global Bartering member.

“GBC provides business-to-business resources that are innovatively changing the way companies buy and sell products and services,” said Shore. “It is a great benefit for our current and future members to have them as part of our organization.”

As a member of the BCA Triangle, GBC will be involved in a series of business development events, educated on the creation of internet marketing opportunities, roundtable discussions and be provided with online training programs for their employees and clients.

The combination of GBC’s expertise in business-to-business sales and the BCA’s vast network of business relationships will afford big opportunities for Triangle companies to grow and expand their reach. The BCA Triangle program keeps its members’ sales up by developing new business relationships through facilitation and referrals.

About Global Barter Corporation
Global Barter Corporation, with over 24,000 active members worldwide, is the largest business and corporate barter company in the world. Members exchange products and services using GBC Trade. Their focus on service, rock solid financial stability and a reputation for integrity in all things trading have made GBC the #1 barter company for the best names in business. GBC adheres to the highest ethical standards of international trade practice in addition to their own stringent rules, code of ethics and IRS regulations. Having GBC as part of your business strategy can help improve cash flow, profit picture and sales efficiency all through corporate barter. For more information, visit http://www.globalbartercorp.com.

About the Business Club of the Triangle
The Business Club of The Triangle is a national membership driven business development organization that serves the middle market business community. With each BCA member being exclusive in their business category, BCA puts its members together in a variety of environments where they can build relationships and generate revenue with other members and their customers. BCA provides training, tools, strategy and support to generate measurable results for its members. For more information on the Business Club of the Triangle, contact Penn Shore at (919) 612-9458 or visit their website at http://www.bcatriangle.com.

Media Contact:
Graham Wilson
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Global Barter Corp Has Social Media Savvy – Do You?

You might not fully understand social media, but you can no longer ignore it.  Social media is simply a way to describe the conversations and interactions that are happening online, and Global Barter Corp is not shying away from the conversation.

GBC’s social media tools make it easy for you to actively participate online and stay up-to-date.  No matter what social media site you use, you can find GBC.

GBC Corporate Blog
GBC recently launched a blog, which is updated weekly with corporate news, barter success stories and the basics of how-to barter.  Feel free to comment on the blog posts and make suggestions.  You can find the blog directly on the GBC website and follow the RSS feed using your favorite blog reader.

Over 500,000,000,000 collective minutes per-day are spent on Facebook, and most likely some of your online minutes are spent browsing and sharing on Facebook.   In between updating your status and uploading your recent photos, browse the BGC page.  You’ll find helpful news and updates, photos of the office and you can even write a review about your membership experience with GBC.

When you follow Gobal Barter Corp, @GlobalBarterCo, you’ll get the latest news on barter and hear success stories for what people have been able to trade for cents on the dollar.  Updated  continuously throughout the day, Global Barter helps keep you up-to-date on the industry.  If you’re not a Twitter user, you can also find GBC’s tweets on the GBC Facebook page.

GBC has an active social media presence, and so should your business.  According to a recent study, 93% of social media users think that businesses should have social media interactions.  If you’re business isn’t socially savvy, think about bartering to bring your company into the online conversations.

Better Barter with Digital Technology

“In the past 500 years, there have been only four major ways that people pay for things: barter, coins, paper and then plastic.  The future in undeniably digital,” says Osama Bedier, the Vice President of Platform, Mobile and New Ventures at Paypal in Fast Company Magazine.

But what Bedier left out of his interview was the power of digital technology when combined with traditional forms of payment – especially barter.

With Global Barter Corp, the well-established concept of barter has been updated for today’s digital world.  As a Global Barter Corp member, you’ll have access to sate-of-the art technological resources including:

  • Your GBC broker who will search the member network to locate the product or service you’re looking for.
  • An automatic account update of any transactions bartering sales and purchasing transactions.
  • Weekly e-mail blasts and monthly newsletters that promote your business and services to GBC’s 24,000 active members.
  • Customer service that is available 24/7 by phone and e-mail.
  • One of the benefits of GBC membership is that you don’t need to worry about keeping track of sales or purchases. Each month, we’ll send you an itemized statement of all transactions.

Don’t trade without digital technology backing up your barter.

John Hook Brings 30 Years of Experience to Charlotte Regional Center

John Hook will direct the Charlotte Regional center of Global Barter Corporation.

Hook comes from a 30 year background in marketing, broadcasting, advertising, and executive coaching, as well as an entrepreneur with vested businesses in syndication, tourism, and radio.

In the last twenty years, Hook has become recognized internationally as a specialist in the growth and life cycles of business, presenting his research on thousands of businesses to scientists in the U.S. and abroad.  Hook noted that he conducted much of his early field research on 450 businesses in Charlotte and the Carolinas in the early 90s.

“My association with Global Barter Corporation is serendipitous to say the least.  After years of studying the lesser known inner mechanisms in business growth, I am delighted to discover that Global Barter Corporation has developed a unique approach to, and a reputation of integrity in addressing, two of the most important components in a business’s future growth – new business and an innovative strategy for reducing the cost of doing business, sometimes dramatically.”

“The ‘secret’ to new business growth is no secret at all.  Before the end of a growth cycle, every organization needs to already be engaged in new strategies and new learning.  What we all seek is *simplicity.*  Ideally, new business learning curves should decrease complexity and increase overall organizational fulfillment. ”

“GBC’s approach retrieves the power of collaborative business growth through practices which predate much of the modern notion of competitive business growth.  ‘Barter’ not only solves many of the challenges of business locally, regionally, and globally, it recovers the sense of human connectiveness which comes with collaboration.  It makes for a friendlier world.”

“I see GBC’s innovations and track record as an exciting professional opportunity, but more than that, their solutions for two of business’s biggest ongoing challenges are not only effective, they’re fun to present, discuss, and implement!   I haven’t found a more rewarding career track offering breakthroughs in the monumental challenges business’s at every scale of economy is faced with.”

“I’m excited to be working again in Charlotte, which has been the platform from which I’ve launched multiple, fulfilling careers.”

How to Choose a Corporate Bartering Network

You’re convinced that bartering is right for your business, but you’re confused about how to evaluate the numerous corporate barter organizations offering seemingly similar servies.  Use this simple set of criteria to use to find the best membership benefits for your business:

Calculate the Membership Fee
Expect to pay a membership fee ranging from $450-$800 per-year, depending on the organization.   In addition, a percentage from each trade, anywhere from 8% to 15% may be taken from your trade.  This percentage is often split between the buyer and the seller, but not always.  Also, make note of any minimum amount of trades necessary per-year, which are usually calculated by a dollar amount.  Consider it a red flag if fees and dues information are not clearly explained on the membership application form.

Meet the Members
Before joining any type of organization, from the local Rotary Club to the country club, you would first make a point to meet other members.  Joining a barter exchange should be no different.  Search the website for testimonials of current members.  A growing and robust organization will have diverse members from wide-ranging industries to help further your personal and professional needs.  The International Reciprocal Trade Association recommends making a list of services that you usually spend cash on, and searching a corporate bartering company’s website for members who could meet your needs through barter.  As your searching, try to evaluate the demand for your services based on current members backgrounds and needs.

Contact Customer Service
As you peruse different websites, how easy is it to find the company’s contact information?  Try getting in touch with customer service representatives to help answer any unresolved questions.  A quick phone call will also help you evaluate the barter company’s commitment to current and perspective members.  Remember, when you have questions when you’re a paying member, customer service will be doubly as important as it is to you now.

Research the Reputation
Integrity is important.  What corporate bartering companies have you seen in the media?  Was the press positive or negative?  Does the bartering company have multiple locations worldwide?  How long has the organization been in business? What is the financial status of the organization?  Remember, consistent quality counts, and when you encounter a quality organization, accolades, press and consistent progress will prove it.

Global Barter Corp Opens Office in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Kathy Hardwick is the South Carolina Marketing Manager, headquartered in Myrtle Beach, for Global Barter Corporation.

 Hardwick’s duties are a natural extension of her extraordinary career in the hospitality and tourism industry on the Grand Strand.

Kathy is a native of Horry County and her career includes sales, out of market advertising, and new market development with Sands Properties, Alabama Theatre, Crown Reef, and Premiere Resorts.

Up until now, Kathy’s focus has been on support and expansion of services to the tourist, travel, and convention markets who visit the Grand Strand in the millions each year. Now she is focused on serving the industry that serves tourism.

“We’ve all experienced a few bumps in the road in the past two years. Not only has tourism been impacted but every sector of business on the Grand Strand, from the national chains and franchises to family-run enterprises. While some visitors’ numbers have suffered more than others, business overhead hasn’t dropped as briskly.”

“I’m excited that Global Barter Corporation has strategies developed for over two decades in the corporate trade world that are immediately applicable to the challenges we face on the Grand Strand.”

“GBC offers not just short-term ‘relief,’ but long-term dual strategies which can reduce, often dramatically, the cost of doing business, and increases in new customer bases.

“GBC’s approach retrieves the power of collaborative business growth through time-tested practices of barter. ‘Barter’ not only pre-dates many of our modern notions of ‘competitive’ business practices, it corresponds with many of the traditions which have been part and parcel to the hospitality industry here for the past 100 years. GBC brings a global perspective, and a global community of collaborative business barter to bear on the challenges of business locally, regionally, and globally, it recovers the sense of human connectiveness which comes with collaboration. It makes for a friendlier world.”

“I see GBC’s innovations and track record as an exciting professional opportunity, but more than that, their solutions for two of business’s biggest ongoing challenges are not only effective, they’re fun to present, discuss, and implement! I haven’t found a more rewarding career track offering breakthroughs in the monumental challenges business’s at every scale of economy is faced with.”

“I’m excited to be bringing the expertise of the Global Barter Corporation to my friends and colleagues in the Grand Strand’s hospitality industry, and the may other business concerns which make up the business network which not only serves the resort industry, but serves to complement and implement our growth as well.”