GBC FAQ – Bartering Basics

What is a barter exchange?
GBC is a membership-based association. Our members buy and sell products and services with other exchange members using GBC Trade dollars, which are equivalent to U.S. dollars.

What is the benefit of using a third party for barter?
GBC acts as a third-party record keeper, providing monthly statements and current account balance.  All transactions are recorded pursuant to trading procedures, policies, rules and regulations of GBC, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Sarbanes Oxley and the Internal Revenue Service.

How much experience do GBC staff and principles have?
Over 50 years of barter experience.  No one knows the business of barter better.

How many members does GBC have?
Global Barter Corp not only has tens of thousands of members, but members come from diverse industries.  Need custom cabinetry, a new Website, a wedding cake, or specialized sales training (or maybe some personal training)?  GBC members are all specialists in their respective fields.

Where are GBC members located?
GBC has a presence worldwide, and is experiencing rapid international growth.  The Website was recently translated into Spanish and Arabic because of the global demand for GBC membership.

United States
Baltimore/Washington DC
Boca Raton
Los Angeles
Myrtle Beach
New York City
San Francisco

Buenos Aries
Costa Rica
Mexico City

How much money can I save through barter?
Check out our interactive worksheet to get a personalized recommendation.  The numbers don’t lie.

How does GBC publicize my business to other members?
GBC is your marketer and sales force, promoting your business:

  • Your personal GBC broker seeks out and brings you new customers
  • Weekly email broadcasts and monthly newsletters market your business to over 24,000 active GBC members.
  • Online customer service puts the answers at your fingertips.
  • Print and broadcast promotional marketing heighten visibility and expand the GBC network with new members every day.

How do I work with a broker?
When you become a GBC member, you’ll be assigned a broker with trading experience in your specific field or industry.   They understand your business opportunities (whether you seek to take advantage of downtime, move excess inventory or leverage the network’s international network to break into new and emerging markets).

Our brokers stay busy seeking out new opportunities, locating potential customers and keeping a pulse on the supply and demand of goods in your industry—as well as products and services of interest to you. Our goal is to bring you new customers, and help you buy the things you need at great savings!

How do I use my barter dollars?
The transaction process is simple: You agree to “sell” X amount of products and services at your full market price. You conduct the sale through your broker and your GBC trade dollar account is debited for that amount. You may now use those trade dollars to acquire anything you desire among our thousands of barter members.

What are the membership fees?

  • One-time initiation fee of $500, renewable each year for $295
  • 6% transaction fee on every purchase and sale
  • Account setup and maintenance
  • Listing in the online GBC membership directory
  • Member-only online directory access
  • Record-keeping services, including monthly account statements
    and yearly 1099-B reporting

Why choose GBC?
We’ve built our impeccable reputation on solid financials, ethical and vigilant trading practices and creating barter system that’s designed to help our members thrive.

After One Month of Membership, Joe Restivo Books a Myrtle Beach Getaway

Imagine bartering your entire vacation – the hotel, the food and the entertainment!  Sound too good to be true?  Not when you’re a GBC member.  Joe Restivo, an Internet marketing specialist, joined GBC less than two months ago and has already been to the Crown Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach using his GBC trade dollars.

He and his girlfriend decided to barter a quick getaway this past month. “We’ve both been working hard and it was the perfect way to relax. While there we went and saw a show, called, One, at The Alabama Theater, which was terrific! We purchased these tickets on Barter as well. Overall we spent about $700 Barter dollars, but well worth it,” says Restivo.

Most everything during the trip was covered by barter.  Restivo and his girlfriend decided to eat a few meals outside of the resort, and they splurged for a helicopter ride along the beach – which only cost $20 per-person!

After his experience in Myrtle Beach, Restivo is looking forward to going on an international trip when he acquires more barter dollars.  “I’d like to go to one of the resorts on the shores of Mexico” he says.  He also plans on buying computer and media equipment when he’s not saving his barter dollars for travel.

To current and perspective GBC members thinking about booking a vacation, he quips, “What do you have to lose?”

Interested in working with Joe?  As an expert in Internet marketing services, from pay-per-click management to e-mail marketing, Joe has experience in a vast variety of topics, but he specializes in local search and social media marketing.  To get in touch with Joe, contact your broker today!

Member Updates

GBC Expands Global Reach
As a global business exchange, GBC continues to attract new members worldwide. To keep up with the international demand, the GBC Website has been translated into Spanish and Arabic. Refer your international network today!

Have You Received Approval Authorization?
Before you begin working or selling goods on barter, you must get approval authorization from your broker. Failing to receive authorization could result in a trade that is null and void.  Talk to your broker to receive approval authorization.

Pay Your Fees On Time
If you are more than 30 days late paying your fees, your right to spend your trade dollars is suspended. Don’t lose out on trade because of delinquent payments.

Contact your broker at 1.800.678.5944.