Meet Our Members: Ian Kleinfeld of Mishagos Marketing and Design

Ian Kleinfeld of Mishagos Design has always been known as “the creative guy.”  No matter what job he has held, he eventually started taking on the creative work around the office, from designing fliers to writing copy.  Kleinfeld eventually found himself working full-time in the advertising industry where he perfected his design and copywriting skills.  When Kleinfeld was unexpectedly laid off, he saw the situation as a chance to start his own business.  His first venture sold Kleinfeld’s original designs on bumper stickers and t-shirts.  Eventually, Mishagos Marketing and Design, Kleinfeld’s current business, evolved.  Today, Mishagos Marketing and Design offers clients both web and print design and marketing strategy.

As a business owner, Kleinfeld became interested in barter after making a move and he wanted to build up his business in a new location.  The timing was also right.  The economy was down, and Kleinfeld had more time to work on various projects.  He had casually bartered before, but had never used an exchange.  Kleinfeld was willing to give GBC membership a try.  “It made a lot of business sense to turn his down time into profits,” he says.  Kleinfeld started out creating collateral marketing materials for GBC and eventually redesigned the GBC website.

Now a GBC member for a year, Kleinfeld has bartered so many different items, it’s difficult for him to remember all of the trades he has done.  He updated his home with a wide screen TV and a home theater system.  When he travels, he barters free hotel rooms and meals out at restaurants.  And food is his favorite trade.  He loves to dine out and says he has spent much of his barter at local restaurants.  “It feels like you’re getting a free dinner,” he says.