A Barter Exchange Insures Against Disaster

When you exchange in business barter without using a network, your business is liable to a variety of challenges that could ultimately backfire.  Here’s how a business barter network can make your trade even more valuable:

Solve Your Tax Issues
One of the best benefits of a barter network?  Your accumulation of barter dollars and your trades are documented.  Your business is invoiced every month, making quarterly tax filing simplified.

Always Get Your Barter Back
Without a barter exchange, you put yourself at risk when you barter with a company that is in trouble financially.  If that company goes under, you lose your barter investment.  When you barter within a network, no matter what you decide to trade, you have thousands of member businesses where you can use your accumulated barter dollars.

Keep the Value of Your Trade
Your barter dollars are linked to the goods and services you provide.  If you’re trading computer repair services for uniforms, how do you know if you’re getting a good deal?  With a barter exchange, you name the price of your trade so that you will always get a fair value on the goods and services that you provide.

Expand Your Network
When you join a barter network, your network is instantly expanded.  In addition to thousands of businesses that you can barter with, you have instantly expanded your network and have access to marketing opportunities within the network.

Does business barter make sense for your business?  Barter with confidence using Global Barter Network.